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Guantanamo abuse

This is a AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU in the 21st Century.

Get Back to USA!!!

What the president of USA said before US Army attacked Iraqe are all white lies.


Iraqi freedom by George Bush

What's wrong?
It's not unusual!
American soldiers are all sex junkies,
otherwise murders!!!!
All Americans love MOONING!

What's wrong?
It's not unusual!
We are all sex junkies!!!
All Americans love these words!!!

The president of USA should have a pleasant experience.
What happened in the skulls and bones?

American women love maltreat to male!

Images Copyright CBS News: Reprinted for Fair Use
Thanks to Global Free Press for making these screen-captures available.
Thanks to Pi Kappa Alpha at the UW for making these images available.

American troops who shot Nicola Calipari to death made a serious mistake.
They must have also killed Giuliana Sgrena, the journalist abducted and
then released in Iraq, to shut her mouth.
The US Government could disregard the Iraqi driver even though he told
the truth, but not the Italian journalist.
The dark-skinned American soldier who raped a twelve years old girl in
Okinawa Japan paid only one million Yen (about $10,000) to her, while
white-skinned American singer paid more than ten million dollars for an
American boy who stayed in the Neverland.